I was gonna post about my weekend yesterday but being it was 9-11 I wanted 2 give my respects 2 the families of the people who lost there lives that day. I also think we should never forget that day and as long as me & Mikey have this blog we won't forget and every year the post for that day will be all about remembering. I would someday love to talk about that day and all the stuff that has came up since that day maybe get ya'lls take on some of the stuff I have seen on the net but that we will save until a later day.

Now for those that get bored with my nascar talk go ahead and scroll down and look at the pics now. Some of you others I am gonna piss off I'm sure with what I am about 2 say. People Dale Earnhardt is done he anit comin back so why don't you let the man rest in peace? No I never was a fan of his and I don't think Dale Jr would be all that right now if his Dad was here. Yes I am not a fan of either Earnhardt but the thing that kills me at these races is people think Dale Sr is coming back they talk about him like he is still here please let it go.

Now I am in the pissing people off mood I want 2 keep it going and say how happy I am that Tony Stewart didn't make it in the race for the cup. I think if I had 2 pick one person in the business I can't stand it would be this fucker. He reminds me of a bully and he acts that way also. He once said if he didn't make into the chase for the cup he should be fired well Joe Gibbs what ya waiting on? People understand in nascar you have 2 have people u hate the word hate in nascar is a friendly word we hate them but don't want bad things 2 happen 2 them. So I pick Tony & Dale Jr 2 hate so go ahead all u Dale Jr and Tony fans rip me a new ass!

I had a blast at the race always do. I don't know why but I got an ear infection again while I was there I have been doing everything the doc ask me 2 but I still got 1 and today it is hurting and driving me crazy. I don't have my aids in so I can't hear a damn thing and I hate that. Reed did good in both races maybe next year he will be in the chase for the cup. Guess that's all I got for now Just want 2 say congrats 2 the top 10 drivers 4 getting into the chase course we r pulling for Kasey 2 win it all. Me & Mikey got us a top 5 for the win so we think we got a good chance that someone we like will win it.

Are List
1. Kasey Kahne
2. Jimmie Johnson
3. Jeff Gordon
4. Kyle Busch
5. Mark Martin

Later from Atlanta

Reed in his Car

Brian Vicker and the band OAR

Kasey workin on his Car
Top 10 for the chase for the cup.
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