Calling Nurse Mike

Well I got the call I had been waiting on. My patient is having his surgery Friday so Im leaving in the morning so I can get down there Thursday evening and get him all prepped. I wanted to go down and see the Scissor Sisters with him but couldn't get that day off work. To be honest Im not interested in their music at all, its not like their George Jones or Vern Gosdin anyway. It would have been cool to go just because Ryan and I would have been going together. I love going places and hanging out with him. His mom went with him and they had a good time so it all worked out. After the surgery he's coming straight home so Ill be able to take care of him all weekend. We'll be able to watch the race together Sunday before I have to leave sometime Monday afternoon. Once he gets home and settled Friday Ill make sure to let everyone know how hes doing.
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