Scissor Sisters part 2

Mikey couldn't take off early enough 2 make it 2 he show so I'm gonna take Mom with me. I wonder if he just sayin that coz it's not his kind of music. J/K Mikey I know u wanted 2 wait and b here with me on Friday and 4 the weekend so I totally understand and would rather have u here 4 that than a concert. Me & Mom always have a blast at concerts don't matter who we see. She did tell me she looking forward 2 seeing this group they look like fun she said. So tonight we will b singin and laughin and havin a blast I wish I could bring all u with me!

Ya know I wanted 2 talk about this North Korean thing I did once before and was going 2 today but ya know I am happy today and want 2 say that way so if u don't mind I am gonna pass on talkin about that idiot for now. I just think it's better I keep good thoughts and fun time in my head so I will b already for the surgery Friday morning and having Mikey here 2 take care of me wow I will b so happy. Ok I know get off the cloud gay boy! Thanx 4 the comments yesterday and your thoughts on what happen 2 me & my friend as always ya'll had some great things 2 say. I couldn't ask 4 any better bloggers & readers than u guys! Said it before gonna say it again u guys rock!

Ok before I go I need 2 ask something or really need your opinion I have a family member a guy he's 19 found out he getting married to a women who is 37 what's your thoughts on this?

Later from Atlanta!
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