Candy Corn & Bulldogs

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI love Halloween always have and the candy omfg! My favorite candy is the candy corn Mom always buys a bunch and it always seems 2 end up in my room. I was wonderin what your favorite Halloween candy is? Me & Mikey talk about going 2 New Orleans for Halloween then I had my surgery and then my Uncle called and ask us 2 house sit so I ask him what he would rather do and he jump on the idea of us being alone 4 a week so we decided 2 pass on New Orleans for now but we are still gonna go down sometime and support that city! I have some other things going on this weekend so it was really out of the question.

Some of you have sent me emails asking about the ear surgery and what they did I had a tumor in there they had 2 take out I didn't really want 2 talk about it much I didn't want the haters 2 jump on and say I was looking 4 comments. I will tell u a little about it and what's ahead for me they remove the tumor and some of the ear bones I have lost more hearing but they think with some reconstruction I might get some of it back. I have come 2 accept the fact I may never hear normal as most people and that for me was hard 2 come 2 grip with. I have always had a hearing problem wearin hearing aids and all but I always hope that someday I would b normal. I know now that is not meant 2 be. Mikey has help me a lot and he tells me all the time you r normal.

Before I go I want 2 talk a little about sports yes more on sports this weekend the Georgia Bulldogs play the Florida Gators as much as I love Florida and my Mom being form there we are not Gator fans my Mom went to Florida State. Me being born and raised in Georgia I am a Bulldog fan I don't follow them like I do the Falcons but still a fan. I want 2 see the Bulldogs eat up them Gators! GO BULLDOGS!!!!!!

Now go out there and make it a Great Weekend!
Later from Atlanta!
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