My Weekend & Surprise

I wanted to tell about my great time I had while I was at Ryans this past weekend. Of course the best part was just being with him. Friday evening and Saturday most of the day he was sleepy cause of the medication so I got to wait on him hand and foot which I can't say how much I enjoy. Then Sunday we went to the Falcons game. Ryan his dad little brother and me. Ive never seen such a place as the Georgia Dome. The stadium and parking area is bigger than my whole town I think. They said there was 70,000 people there I think. Thats more people than live in Charleston my state capital and biggest city in the state. Sorry if I sound like a small town hick marveling at everything but I reckon I am. Don't get me started on how big the bathrooms were. Ive been inside houses around here smaller. Like Ryan said I had a great time. His team won and him and his brother were going crazy. We got back home and watched the race which turned out pretty good for my driver anyway. Ryans didnt do so good but maybe next week. We didn't sleep much that night I had some lost time to make up for. With Ryan taking his meds he wasn't in the mood the first two night but he made up for it and then some. Then left for home Monday afternoon and back to the same old grind.

If yall remember a while back I mentioned a surprise I was gonna tell and it didn't have anything to do with me moving. Well heres the surprise. Ryans uncle who lives in Florida is going out of the country for a week and he wants Ryan to house sit for him. So Ryan asked me if I would like to go down with him and help him out. I said of course I would. I got two weeks worth of sick days I have to take or Im gonna lose them when I quit and move down there for good. So I can take a week of them or more if I need to. I think it will be really cool to have a house all to ourselves just the two of us. It will be the longest we spent together by ourselves other than the camping trip this past summer. It'll be kind of like a trial run for when we finally move in together. I'll get to see all his bad habits not saying he has any but everybody has their little things that bug other people. So I cant wait for that. Its not till next Friday November 3 so its still about 10 days away. Im sure ill be mentioning it again before then.
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