Monday's Suck

I had a really great weekend didn't want it 2 end but all good things have 2 end sometime. I got 2 hang out with a good friend made some plans with him coz he will have some time soon more on that later. I am looking forward for Thursday 2 get here Mikey will be here and Friday morning were driving down 2 Florida for a week of fun in the sun and a week alone! I know Mikey is happy about a week alone I talk 2 him yesterday and he was so excited about it. I did enjoy the extra hour of sleep I got after running all weekend I needed it. I got some news I just want to bust out and tell but I can't just yet! Yes it's killing me not being able 2 tell but I gave my word I wouldn't. I want to be like a good neighbor!

That's it from Atlanta!

I think we all agree on this

Oh my Mom wanted me 2 put this on the blog for all the girls out there I am gonna tell on her she gain 8 pounds and she is havin a fit said the scales lied! haha!
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