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The winner of each Nextel Cup race receives 180 points. The runner-up scores 170. From there, the point total declines in five-point increments for Nos. 2-6; points drop four points per driver for Nos. 7-11; and three-point increments separate drivers' points for finishers 12th place and lower.
In addition to the points allocated, any driver who leads a lap receives five bonus points. The driver who leads the most laps receives an additional five bonus points.

Chase for the Nextel Cup
Adjusted points structure
Place Points

1st - 5,050
2nd - 5,045
3rd - 5,040
4th - 5,035
5th - 5,030
6th - 5,025
7th - 5,020
8th - 5,015
9th - 5,010
10th - 5,005

Note: If more than 10 drivers qualify, the additional drivers will have their points reset at 5,005.

In Nextel Cup racing, following the 26th race of the season, all drivers in the top 10 -- and any others within 400 points of the leader -- earn a berth in the Chase for the Nextel Cup.

All drivers in the Chase will have their point totals adjusted. The first-place driver in the standings begins the Chase with 5,050 points; the second-place driver will start with 5,045, etc. Incremental five-point drops will continue through 10th place (5,005 points).

If more than 10 drivers qualify for the Chase, the additional drivers will have their points reset at 5,005.

• Owners are rewarded in the points race in much the same fashion but, unlike drivers, they earn points for merely attempting to make a race. If an owner shows up with two drivers and one fails to qualify, the owner still receives points for the non-qualifying effort.

Through the first five races of the season, the top 35 in owners' points from the previous season are guaranteed a starting spot in the race. Beginning with the sixth race, the top 35 in current owners' points are guaranteed a spot.

The fastest non-qualifier on race day earns 31 points for his owner, three down from the 43rd-place points. The scale continues downward for all non-qualifiers, with the lowest possible point awarded being one.

• Manufacturers have a points race of their own. The car maker who has a driver take first place in a race earns nine points for that race. Second-best performance by a manufacturer gets six points, third place earns four points and fourth place, three points.

Race Points System
Finish Points Finish Points

1st - 180
2nd - 170
3rd - 165
4th - 160
5th - 155
6th - 150
7th - 146
8th - 142
9th - 138
10th - 134
11th - 130
12th - 127
13th - 124
14th - 121
15th - 118
16th - 115
17th - 112
18th - 109
19th - 106
20th - 103
21st - 100
22nd - 97
23rd - 94
24th - 91
25th - 88
26th - 85
27th - 82
28th - 79
29th - 76
30th - 73
31st - 70
32nd - 67
33rd - 64
34th - 61
35th - 58
36th - 55
37th - 52
38th - 49
39th - 46
40th - 43
41st - 40
42nd - 37
43rd - 34

Any driver who leads a lap receives five bonus points.
The driver who leads the most laps receives an additional five bonus points

Also at the Kansas Motor Speedway Yesterday I guess some jackasses's tried to rob the track in the process the shot a cop. Here's the story...

Kansas City, Kansas. -- An off-duty police officer, in full uniform on a private security detail at Kansas Speedway, was shot and critically wounded about 9 p.m. ET on Sunday while intervening in a robbery attempt at the racetrack.
The officer, described as a 25-year veteran detective of the force by a spokesperson for the Kansas City, Kan., police department, was transported by helicopter to a nearby hospital.

Her name was not released, pending notification of family.

Her condition was described as life-threatening, with multiple gunshot wounds.

Officers chased two suspects from the scene and apprehended them near the speedway.

At 11:30 p.m. police were still investigating the incident, trying to determine the nature of the robbery attempt and the events that precipitated the shooting.

Prayers go out to her and her family I hope they stick them guys in jail 4 a long long time!

Oh and what about that idiot from the Tennessee Titans stomping the head of 1 of the Dallas Cowboys I think he should have been arrested it went beyond just a game. I also think he should be kicked out of the NFL and never should be allowed to play again. What do ya'll think? Read about it here Aol Sports

That's it 4 now I will have some info later this week bout what's going on with me. I'm gonna go lay back down 4 a while hope ya'll have a great Monday.

Later from Atlanta!

Some info came from nascar.com, apnews.org, aolsports.com
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