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I am feeling a little better today I just hate being sick but that what happens with a weak immune system. I do have some news as soon as I am well enough I'm gonna have surgery on my ears again this should help with leaking and itching so they say. I have heard it all before but I will let them do it if it might help. I am thinkin bout having it done in Florida my old ear doctor was hired down there and I like him a lot. He's in Tampa and since my Mom's people are from St. Petersburg we could kill a few birds with 1 stone. I will keep u updated on that when I am gonna do it.

What's the deal with these dumb fucks going into these schools and killing kids? I think it's only gonna get worse I think copycat killers my Dad said the same thing. I know my Mom is worried bout my Brother & Sister even though they go 2 a private school she says it can happen there just as easy as anywhere. I don't know how 2 make it safer really a totally lock down 4 the whole time kids are in school that would almost b like sending them 2 prison. There has 2 b a way 2 make it safe 4 kids. I feel really bad 4 the parents of the kids that got killed my heart goes out 2 them.

I have been listen 2 a couple new cd's thought I would share them with ya and let ya know what I think about them. First Mikey brought down 2 me it's Billy Ray Cyrus "Wanna Be Your Joe" There are so many great song on this cd it's worth the money 2 buy. Mikey is a big country music fan and he got me into. A couple of my favorites on this cd arr I Wouldn't Be Me, I Wonder so if you like country check this cd out.

Next is Jesse McCartney his new cd is called "Right Where You Want Me" ok I am a big Jesse mark I think he is very hot and he can sing also. This cd is a little more um open I guess you could say than Jesse's first cd I think he wrote more on this one and some of the songs are a little more on the edge than his first cd. I think it's good he trying to get away from the screaming preteen girls and trying 2 b a real artist I think this cd opens more doors for him. A few of my favorites from this cd are Can't Let You Go, Invincible. Go and check this cd out also!

Ok b4 I go I wanted ya'll 2 c a couple new faces 2 Nascar these guys will b racing full time next year. Cute don't ya think?

Later from Atlanta!

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