Scissor Sisters

Wow I can't believe that Wednesday I will be in the 4th row watchin Scissor Sister doing there thing in all places in Atlanta but at The Tabernacle what's funny about that if you can't get it by the name it used to b a church wonder what the preacher of the past that preach there every week think of the group coming in. I didn't know Mom got me tickets for the show I told here I would like 2 go but I didn't stress the fact it was must so I was surprise when she gave me the tickets yesterday.

Friday is the day of my surgery so might as well go Wednesday night and have what hearing I have left blow out my loud music. I am tryin 2 talk Mikey into coming Wednesday so he can go 2 the show with me he don't know if he can but is gonna try. If he can't go I'm gonna take my best friend besides him who u ask is that? That would be my Mom. She said if Mikey couldn't make it down she would go with me and I can't think of a better person 2 take with me. Mikey will b down for the surgery on Friday and I'll have him all weekend! Woo Hoo!

I was told the surgery is same day so I won't be stayin the night at the hospital and that's great for me I will feel much better in my own bed with my man beside me holding me. I just hope this time the surgery helps me. I am not sure it's gonna help me hear better but it will help with the fluids leaking and makin my ears itch and me sticking things in there 2 scratch them until they bleed. So keep me in your thoughts on Friday and lets all hope it helps.

I'll post later today or tomorrow about my weekend not much happen really.

Later from Atlanta!
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