Why Kids So.......

I guess coz I was raised different then some kids maybe hell I don't know but I wonder what makes kids so mean. Let me explain a little over the weekend I went 2 lunch with a friend and we did a little shoppin and decide 2 stop and have a cup of coffee before we call it a day. So we were sitting there talking when these kids came into the coffee shop maybe between 12 & 14 years old well being that I live in a small town on the outskirts of Atlanta I knew a few of these boys and they knew me. I also knew a couple of them were trouble makers.

Me and my friend were sitting there talking and they order whatever I was tryin 2 figure out what they were in a coffee shop 4 anyway. They were getting ready 2 leave when they passed us and 1 boy said look a homo and a hippo. I got so mad I didn't a shit they called me a homo I kinda like that word but 2 insult my friend just coz she is overweight pissed me off. I seen the hurt in her eyes I'm normally not a person 2 say anything but I had 2 and I stood up and said what the fuck you say? He said u heard me fag out of the blue this guy sitting in another table also heard him and stood up.

He said I heard what u said and if u think I am gonna sit back and watch u punks come in here and pick a fight with these people not gonna happen. I was surprised and then the manager told them kids 2 leave and he also apology I told him it wasn't his fault. We all sit back down and I can tell my friend was hurt I told her just not 2 worry about what they said I told her u have a wonderful boyfriend that loves u and I think is cute (she did laugh) and u have great friends and family that love u the way u are. She said I want 2 ask u when u look at me Ryan do u see someone fat? I said no when I look at u I see 1 of my best friends that has help me thru so much I see someone who is very beautiful and so kind that's what I see.

Why are kids so mean?

I think it starts at home I really do!

Later from Atlanta!
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