This & That Part 2

It's been an ok week I guess. I should have all the info Monday on the surgery so I will keep ya'll updated on that. Wish Mikey was comin down this weekend but he's waiting until I tell him the dates for the surgery. Soon he will be moved here and I can't wait. Halloween is like 1 of my favorite holidays I think dressing up and all the scary stuff is so cool. Here is a website you can get some cool desktop wallpaper to dress up you puter 4 Halloween. Ya'll have Halloween parties? Love 2 hear about them if u do. Kate's Halloween Place

Ok something else I want 2 throw out there Mikey has never been 2 New Orleans so we are thinking about going for there big Halloween party. I think it would help New Orleans 2 get back on there feet if we go 2 whatever big doings they do. Also coz Mikey never been there or 2 a grown up Halloween party I think it would be a blast!

Check out the Website Gay Halloween

That about covers it hope ya'll have a wonderful and safe weekend check in this Sunday for What City Sunday!

Later From Atlanta!
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