What City Sunday

I think my What City Sundays have been to easy so this week Im making it more difficult but you guys are smart so Im sure you'll guess it. Guess what Im gonna do today. Im going to my first NFL game with Ryan and his brother and dad. The Atlanta Falcons are playing the Pittsburgh Steelers and Ryan surprised me and said were going. I made him promise me that he was feeling well enough to go and he says he is so were going. I had forgot the Falcons play their home games in a domed stadium and was worried about him being out in the weather but no worries now. We will miss the race but Ryans got TIVO so we can watch when we get back. Ok here's city clues. Good luck!!

This city got its namesake from another city because it was built on seven hills.
This city is home to four colleges.
This city is built around three rivers.
This city looks with pride to its many historic landmarks.
This city is centrally located between three metropolitan cities

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