Another Nascar Post

Here in a little bit I will b getting on a plane and headin south once again this time 2 Miami airport then a short ride over 2 Homestead meeting my friend 4 the last Nascar race of the season I am so happy right now only thing that would make it better is if Mikey was going with me. Maybe next year he will be. I can't believe this is the last race until Febuary. Yes I will be going 2 the Daytona 500 then and Mikey will be with me fot that race I can't wait!

Ok everyone knows that I am a Brian Vickers fan and Reed of course and Mikey is a Kasy Kahne fan but this weekend I am a Jimmie Johnson fan. I have always been a Jeff Gordon fan and if you like Gordon you gotta Like Jimmie. Now I want Brian, Reed or Kasey 2 win the race but I want Jimmie 2 finish 12th or better this weekend so he will with the championship. He has been runner up a few times for the cup but this time he has a shot 2 win his first Nextel Cup so this weekend I am the biggest Jimmie Johnson fan you will see!

That's it for today kids so go out and make it a wonderful weekend!

Go Jimmie Go!

Mikey's football team won last night the West Virginia Mountaineers if they don't move up in the standings this Sunday I'm gonna be pissed. Now the gators and ohio state need 2 lose this weekend! Ok that's it 4 sports this week I think hehe!
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