HNT / Surprise

I know we don't do these HNT like we use 2 maybe we will do them once a month or so. I think it's a good idea gets people 2 visit blogs maybe they wouldn't find any other way. Besides nothing wrong with a little skin in a clean way right? So if you want 2 know all about HNT and want 2 do it on your blog visit the HNT guy who started it all and find out what it's all about.


Now the surprise my friend called me ask me if I wanted 2 come 2 the last race of the year down in Homestead I said sure would love 2. So Friday morning I am gonna b flying into Miami and going 2 the track and hang out with him and catch the race! I am so freaken happy I wanted 2 go but didn't want 2 call and ask him like that's the only reason I want 2 b friends with him. I wish Mikey could go with me but since he gonna be speanding Thanksgiving with me he can't I can'r wait until we r living together so he can go 2 these things with me.

Later and HHNT!
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