Christmas Is Coming

I hate coming back home after spending a few days with Ryan. I hate getting up the next morning and getting back into the same old boring job. Things are gonna change though with the new year coming in. I was gonna spend Christmas here at home with my mom cause I thought my sister wasn't coming in for the holidays. Well turns out she is coming in after all. Some of you may remember me and my sister don't get along at all. Shes one of those religous nuts who reads the bible and intereprets it to suit her. So her views and mine on being gay don't match at all. I haven't seen her since I told my mom that I was gay. I can just imagine what its gonna be like at my house so Ill just skip that mess all together. I got a place to go for Christmas anyway so its all good. Ryan was talking about coming up here for Christmas but thats out of the question. I can just see him and my sister getting into cause he definitely wouldn't put up with any of her shit. It'll be my first Christmas with Ryan and his family so that'll be really cool Im sure. Ryans mom goes crazy with the decorating inside and out.

On my last trip down to Ryans a snapped a couple pics while driving. Nothing all that interesting but it shows how bare the mountains are now. Their taken on Sandstone Mountain near Beckley if anyones familiar with the area. The other pic is not far from my house taken from a overlook area.

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