Blue Monday

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I always hate this day when Mikey leaves I feel so empty on the inside. I had a really good Thanksgiving I hope ya'll did as well. I am not sure if Mikey comin here 4 Christmas or if I am going up there I told I would go up there but I think it depends on his Mom. It will kinda be strange for me if I do go up I have never been away from my family on Christmas but 4 Mikey I'll do anything 2 b with him. I think Mikey still get's surprised how much food my Mom fixes not only 4 a holiday but all the time and my family so open 2 us I know it blows him away. Be nice if more people were open like my folks. I do have 2 say it's taken my Dad a little longer but I understand.

Ok now I have 2 get into the football we went 2. I am a big Falcons fans but I hope the rest of the season they lose every game. For those that don't watch football let me tell you what happen besides losing the game. The fans and me being 1 of them were upset that we got beat so we booed and the quarterback Michael Vick cussed the fans on his way off the field and flipped them off. This 2 me is uncalled for later in a press confess he said he was sorry he was just upset on how the game was going I think that's a copout. Like I said I hope they lose every game the have left this year and I think there Falcons need 2 start looking for a new quarterback when a player acts like that toward fans I lose respect for them. Just my 2 cents.

Vick let fans have it.

So I got a question 4 ya How many of you already got your Christmas decorations up?

Later from Atlanta!

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