Fun in the Sun

In a little bit we will be off on our way 2 Florida 4 a week of fun in the sun. I will have my laptop with me might not get 2 use it much but we will do a What City Sunday post 4 sure maybe try to throw in some Florida pics for Ya'll people sitting in the cold. haha I know I am a brat! A week alone with Mikey I do have family there but they won't bother us 2 much I do want Mikey 2 meet them they will just love him! I guess that's about it just remember might not be a lot of posting going on this next week. Ya'll be safe and take care of yourself until we get back.

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Oh 1 more thing I heard this song and it had this 1 line in it and I thought wow what strong words can you guess what song it came from?

It's better to be hated for who you are
Than loved for someone you're not.

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Now go out and make it an Awesome Weekend!

Later from Atlanta on our way to Sunny Florida!
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