HNT & A Thanks

Well Im leaving real early this morning and heading down to Ryans. I can't believe how the week just flew by. I want to leave early enough so Im sure to make it down there before West Virginia plays on ESPN at 7:30 but Im sure I will. Ill probably even get there early and have time for some tackling of my own. We got to get up early Friday morning cause we have to be at Ryans uncles at noon I think.

I also want to thank Best Gay Blogs for their write up they did about us. Its kinda weird reading nice stuff about you but very cool so thanks from me and Ryan both. So if anyone wants to check it out please do.

One of our HNT pics is a new one that was taken at Ryans beach house this summer of us walking on the beach. The other is a oldie but a goodie of Ryans ass. The reason Im posting them is thats what Im gonna be doing all week. The beach and water in the day time and Ryans ass at night:)

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