Learning as I go

I am learnin a lot this week being with Mikey only makes me know I want 2 spend my life with him. I know I am young but I know he is my soul mate I know I have said it b4. I also learn some things about him I didn't know as he has learn some about me. 1 thing I have learned Mikey is a night person and I am a mornin person. If he has a reason 2 get up he will but if not he likes 2 sleep. I also learn he like his back and butt scratched. I also know I want and I am ready 4 us 2 take that chance and live together full time. We have talked about it a lot this week and he is ready also. I think maybe us getting our own place would b best kinda like neutral ground. I need 2 get his lazy butt up soon! Oh we got some really cool hnt pics that we will b puttin up just not every week so keep an eye out 4 that!

Looks like the people of America spoke in Tuesdays election and it says we are tired of the bull shit coming out of the white house. All I want 2 say is don't stop with the election keep fighting if something pisses u off write your congress person or your senator or whoever u have 2 let them know. It's time 4 a change and America finally stood up and said we want a change and want it know stayin the course is not workin. At least we got some more open minded people in there. Don't look for a big change quick but look for 1 I think its coming just b a little slow. Bush will have 2 years of pure hell in the White House and now he knows it that's why he tryin 2 change things now with Rumsfeld steppin down please who they kiddin he didn't do it on his own he was ask 2.

Later from Florida!

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