Make Sure You Vote

Just a quick update we are still having a blast here in the Sunshine State the weather has been great a little windy but other than that can't bitch about it. I wanted 2 do a post and make sure all that read in America you get out and vote. I voted early I knew I would be with Mikey. We all need to vote so we can send a message 2 the white house we are tired of business as usual. I could go on and on about politics and I have in the past but not today I'm on vacation just get out and vote!

Thought I would close with some more pics from Florida. 1 thing I don't get is the gators can rape my Georgia Bulldogs but I can't come down here and molest there gators! haha The turtles well I think we know what they are doing.

We are off 2 Busch Gardens today don't forget 2 vote!

Later from Florida!
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