Religion Encourages Hatred

I seen this in the news this morning and thought what a good topic 2 throw my 2 cents in on. First off I will show u the write up on what Elton John said and then give my 2 cents in on it.

LONDON - Elton John has said organized religion should be banned because it promotes homophobia and turns some people into "hateful lemmings."

'I Would Ban Religion Completely' Sir Elton John thinks all religions should be banned because they turn people into "really hateful lemmings."

"Religion has always tried to turn hatred toward gay people. It turns people into hateful lemmings and it is not really compassionate."

The singer, who tied the knot with long-term partner David Furnish in a civil ceremony last year, said he admired the teachings of Jesus Christ, but disliked religious bodies.

"The reality is that organized religion doesn't seem to work," he added.

Seen and Heard The 59-year-old singer, who has sold an estimated 200 million records, is no stranger to controversy.

In 2000, he hit out at the "ignorance" of the Roman Catholic church after a priest said homosexuals were engaged in "a lifestyle that can never respond to the deepest longings of the human heart."

Since then he has received blanket media coverage for a series of high-profile outbursts.

In May, he launched an expletive-laden tirade against the press at the Cannes film festival, telling photographers: "You should all be shot."

In 2004, he was filmed shouting at Taiwanese photographers for surprising him as he arrived at Taipei airport, calling them "rude, vile pigs."

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He criticized pop star Madonna a week later, accusing her of charging fans outrageous prices to see her lip-synch in concert.

In an interview, he said his "bad temper and irrationality" emerged only when he was tired.

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Now I agree with Elton on this and I know I am gonna take a lot of heat 4 it but I have 2 be honest. I like Elton am not sayin get rid of religion I myself believe in God and I believe he made me the way I am for a reason. I do believe a lot of religion hide behind the bible or use the bible 2 preach hate and that 2 them makes it ok. I for 1 do not want 2 be in line when God calls his children home for I think a lot of these church going people gonna get a big shock. We use 2 go 2 church all the time and 4 those been readin this blog and my old 1 knows they ask my Mom & Dad 2 send my 2 a camp 2 get me right. Course my Mom went off on them we haven't been back. So yeah I think what Elton said has some truth in it and I agree with!

I also think hate starts at home I think parents are just as much at fault as the church they may go to. I also think kids are just meant 2 be mean sometimes no matter how they were raised sometimes u just have a bad seed. I think because we are different from 1 another makes us all great but some people look at different as a bad thing and what 2 hate what they see as different. Don't matter if it's gay, fat, coz u were glasses or like in the middle east a religion matter it's different and people can't deal with something that is different so they have 2 hate it. The day when we don't look at a person as differnt and look at that person as a person then we all can get along and the hate will stop. We need 2 stop all the hate in the world and if that means going into some of these churchs and make them stop preaching hate then I am all for it!

Sendin Hugs Out 2 Ya'll!

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