Playing House

I can't believe what a great time I had in Florida with Ryan the past week. Well I guess I can I mean I didn't think we wouldn't get along great cause we did. It was just to good to be true I reckon but it was true, every wonderful minute of it. The longest we had spent together was over the summer when we went camping and that wasn't ideal conditions. I loved going to sleep curled up next to him and waking up in the morning and he's still there curled up all warm and toasty. We spent a lot of time on the beach which was awesome. I caught a couple of guys eyeing Ryan so I had to make sure I kept ahold of his hand to let them know he's taken. We went out to eat twice at a place called The Oyster Bar. Im not a big fan of seafood other than fish but they had the best seafood I had ever eaten. I did discover that Ryan loves to cook. Thats good cause I hate to. Ill make a fried bologna sandwich and grab some chips and call it a meal. Hes just the oppisite he loves grilling steaks and the whole nine yards. He can't get over the fact that I like my steak well done. He says thats ruining it. I said whatever there's only one kind of meat I like raw and it's not a steak. We were just like a old married couple cleaning house and doing laundry. We returned the house to his uncle just like he left it. Although there was a few little stains on the living room carpet. I think we got them all out.

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