What City Sunday

I was thinking I would try to make this weeks city harder. Yall seem to be guessing them pretty easy. So this week there's only going to be one clue and if you have been around long enough to read the entire blog you just may guess the city. The very first time Ryan and I met was in this city. We stayed at a Super 8 motel. That weekend I had to delete my blog cause my sister found it. Then I started this one so you wont find the name of the city but you might find another clue if you read the archives.

Yesterday we just stayed around the house. Ryans mom and dad and brother and sister went Christmas shopping so we had the house to ourselves for a few hours. We watched my West Virginia team get beat which sucked ass and not in a good way either. Today were going to the Falcons with Ryans dad and little brother. Their playing the Saints and will probably get beat but Ryans got season tickets so just as well go and try to root them on to a win.

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