What a blast I had at the race and I am happy Jimmie Johnson won the cup. It's was his first and I bet won't be his last. Saturday's Busch race was a little scary if anyone seen it Reed's car blew up and when I say blew up it blew up fire and smoke every where thank God he was hurt at all just scare the crap out of him. I hate 2 see a car catch on fire don't matters who is drivin it I have my pick of drivers but I don't want 2 see any of them hurt. My Sunday's gonna be lost for a couple months now that Nascar season is over I am looking forward 2 February now Daytona 500 baby and I will be there!

One thing I did want 2 talk about is how often I heard fag, fagot, queer these words don't normally bother me but it does bother me how these people were using them. It shows me how far we think we come in our cause when your with a group of 100,000 people or more we haven't come far at all. It's sad when people just use these words and think it's ok not only that but kids using these words like they are everyday words. We as gay people have came far but not far enough you know all we ask for is equal rights as everyone else. We as humans need 2 stop the hate that we have for other people only coz we are different from 1 another. Women had 2 fight 4 there rights the color people had 2 fight 4 there rights I guess now we do but people there something wrong with America when a person is still killed when he is just different from someone else. You think I don't know what I am talking about maybe you should ask Judy Shepard she lost her son Matthew in Wyoming all because he was gay.

Later from Atlanta!
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