I always wonder why do we dream and what do they mean when we do? Last night I had this crazy dream I was in the woods and this guy had control over me making me do crazy things. He had Mikey & my Mom said if I didn't do what he said he would kill them. I was in this car trying 2 get it unstuck and I lost my shoe and it fell down this hill I was tryin 2 go down this hill 2 get it and these strange kids pop up out of no where sayin something I couldn't make out and 1 of them jump off this bridge 4 no reason at all. The other 1 handed me a cup of worms for what I don't know and was pointin so I walk that way he was pointing all the same time looking 4 my shoe. I look up this hill and see my Mikey & Mom tied 2 this stake with some strange standing with them. Then I woke up I am so confused what it means.

Right away I called Mikey woke him up got him all upset thinkin something was wrong then I went downstairs and check on my Mom 2 make sure she was ok and she jump up what's wrong baby. I told her about the dream she said it's only a dream baby go back 2 sleep she sat with me until I fell asleep. Yes I am a big baby and a big mommy's boy I can't help that always have been. I just like 2 know what dreams really mean it was strange and I have them strange dreams all the time are they suppose 2 mean something? Does anybody know or can point me in the right direction maybe a website or something. I think I need 2 go shopping and give my mind a rest haha ok so I'm gay people I love shopping! Woo hoo Mikey will be here tonight!!!!!

Later from Atlanta!
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