From Us 2 You

I want 2 say thanx 4 all the comments on the dumb asses at the mall. Your love & support means the world 2 me. I think I blog with some of the best people in blog world. I feel like your family 2 me and I know I can come here and talk about whatever and I know I will get support and love from ya'll and I think if we all support and love each other and we are a small group just think what the rest of the world would be like if they were all like us. No hate, no war we all get along wouldn't it be a great place 2 live? I think this time of year people talk about peace on earth and good will toward men but that's all they do is talk. My wish would be that people really did it and we all got along as God wanted us 2 do.

My grandparents made it in and we have been having such a great time with them. They like Mikey very much and he likes them and how couldn't they right? He love 2 hear them talk being from England he gets a kick out of them. Him and my Grandpa just been sitting and talking and my Grandpa said 2 me this is a keeper Ryan. I totally agree with him. It's does my heart good 2 know most my family are very open minded and support me. I know most gay people don't have that and I have some family members that don't fool with us coz of me but I feel it's there loss not mine. Even tho at first I was hurt now I think I hurt more 4 my Parents coz they don't talk 2 them anymore. Mom tells me not 2 worry that they wasn't what they were suppose 2 be or they wouldn't care about who I am and if they don't accept her son then they don't accept her . I just love my Mom!

We wont get to post again until after Christmas we have a lot 2 do and a short time 2 do it. So I want 2 take this time and wish all that reads this blog a very safe and wonderful Christmas and I will catch up on all your blogs right after Christmas if I don't find time before. I hope Santa brings ya'll everything that u wanted. He already brought me what I wanted and hes sitting here beside me. Oh and I almost forgot we wanted to say thanx to whoever sent the gift certificates from

Merry Christmas from Atlanta.

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