Christmas with Mean People

You know I am not even gonna let mean people get me down right now I have my man here with me my Grandparents are here from England and its Christmas and I feel good on top of all that so I am not gonna let them ass licks at the mall get me down. Oh wonder what I am talking about well me and Mikey went and did some shopping my Grandparents surprised us by bringing my cousin with them so we needed 2 run and get him something and when do I really need an excuse 2 shop. Anyway we were at the mall me and Mikey we were looking around at some toys 4 my cousin and some clothes at the eagle and crombie.

We decide 2 have lunch so we ate in the mall then u know the picture things u can get inside of? Well we did that I didn't know now on top of them u can c the people inside and the faces they make right? Well of course we were kissing and 2 me no big deal so we get out take r pics and went on about shoppin. These boys started following us around and lets just say they weren't nice at all they were callin out fag, queers, cock sucker, butt licker and some other stuff. I was getting pissed I think Mikey could tell then finally he just stopped went up 2 the biggest kid and the group grabbed him by the shirt and said I am a queer and that's my boyfriend and I love him a lot do you have a problem with that? I think it scared the crap out of the kids nobody said anything.

On the way out I told Mikey he got 2 b careful doing stuff like that the group could have jumped us or worse. Well on the way 2 the car worse did happen them fucking pricks drove by and threw soda on us and food some trash also and of course yelled at us. They didn't stop I think they knew better Mikey wanted 2 go after them but I said let it go. Sometimes I think it's best just 2 let things go we can clean up clothes can be washed but death can't be reversed. Ask Matthew Shepard's Mom.

Later from Atlanta.

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