Have You Been Naughty Or Nice

You know Ive been thinking like crazy what to get Ryan for Christmas. Ive been calling his mom a lot and talking to her with out him knowing it. Well he does now since hes gonna read this but its to late for him to bitch about it. She says hes been really moody the last several days which I can tell when I talk to him on the phone. What I was thinking about getting him and she agreeded with me is something totally unexpected. I reckon you could say its handmade coz it wasn't bought in any store. He will be totally surprised when he sees it. I was gonna wait till next week to go down but Im thinking I better go this weekend. He wont know what his present is till Christmas though if I can keep it a secret that long. Hes like a little kid when it comes to surprises,he wants to know right away. As naughty as hes been lately by not taking his medicine Santa just might take his present back or at least make him do something for Santa before he gets it. So I got 2 more days then Im heading south for the holidays.

Here's a little Wednesday eye candy for our readers.
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