Happy on HNT

Well finally I am happy and I think I know why the love of my life will be here Friday afternoon and I can't wait. We are gonna do some Christmas shopping maybe take in a few movies and of course lots and lots of sex! He will be here until after the first of the year that will be so awesome! My Grandparents will be here on the 20th from England and I am so happy. Then 2 top it off a follow blogger did an interview on me and Mikey on his blog and in return we got 2 do 1 on him his interview will be up tomorrow but if you would like 2 know a little more about me and Mikey click over 2 his blog and check out our interview make sure you come back tomorrow 2 check out what we ask him! Happy HNT Ya'll!

Nichevo's Interview

Later fron Atlanta!
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