I'm Cold

I am cold this morning it's 27 with a wind chill of 17 I know it's not as cold as other places but I got a chill and now I can't get warm. Mom thinks I might be coming down with a cold gosh I hope not but me and my luck and my immune system. The weekend for me was boring I didn't do much helped put up some Christmas stuff went over 2 my neighbors help them a little also. Funny thing about my neighbors is they don't live like right across the street coz we live in the country so u have 2 take a quad runner 2 get over 2 the neighbors and they are fun 2 play on. I don't have much else for today it's Monday after all.

Oh What City Sunday answer was Enumclaw hometown of Kasey Kahne.

Love You Mikey!

Later from Atlanta!
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