My Favorite Toy

Since Im gonna be going down to Ryan's for Christmas its got me to thinking about past Christmas's at my house. Growing up we didn't really have much money to spend for present. What presents my mom did get were mostly cloths. Every year we would get one toy. Now I know to appreciate the one toy I did get but back then I will admit I would get jealous of other kids in the neighborhood riding new bikes and playing with remote control cars and stuff. One year I think I was about 10 I got a G.I. Joe action figure or doll whatever you call it. I think that was the best toy I ever had. I had to much fun with him I built him a raft out of popsicle sticks and would float him down the creek. I played with him for 2 years I think then got tired of him and tied fire crackers to him and blew him up.

I guess you could say Im still just a big kid cause I love going down to Ryans and playing with all the stuff him and his little brother have. I honestly had never played x-box or playstation 2 until I went down to Ryans for the first time. Im terrible at it and him and his brother kick my ass in all the games but I love playing. Ryans suppose to get his brother the new playstation 3 for Christmas so I guess I'll be playing that a bunch when Im down there

So I was wondering if any of you had a favorite toy when you was a kid?
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