I am so happy Mikey is here waking up this morning with him beside feels so right. He is sleeping right now and of course I am blogging he is not a morning person but that's ok gives me time 2 be with ya'll. We have plans on doing some shoppin today finish up Christmas gifts we both need 2 get. This is so cool doing this together it's like it's suppose 2 be I am just on cloud 9. Ok here is the interview we did with Nichevo hope you enjoyed as much as I like doing it.

At what age did you come out and how did your parents take it?

I officially came out in 1975 at the age of 25 while in the USN in San Diego. My parents did not know until the next year after I returned to Texas. My mother outed me to herself when she went snooping in my brief case and read a letter I had written to a friend back in Cali about this guy I had sex with on the bus ride home. She went hysterical on me, screaming and crying, god it was awful. That is the last time we spoke of it to each other. It has remained the 800 pound gorilla in the room for the last 30 years. I haven't even seen her since Mother's Day in 2004 or spoken with her. Way too much pain. I think my dad always knew, he led a less sheltered life than my mom having served in WWII. He always just loved me and was the one to always try and include me in the family. He died in 1996 and I miss him a lot. For a more detailed version of my coming out story I refer you to my post Once Upon a Christmas.

Would you rather have really good sex with a one night or bad sex in an ltr?

I would rather have the good sex for one night, if there were bad sex, there would be no ltr.

Whats gay life in Texas like?

That depends on where you live. In small town Texas, it is much the same as all over, non-existent or severely closeted. You can still be bashed for being queer in Texas. In my youth they called bashing "rolling the queers" and usually included robbery as well as the beatings. I grew up in Fort Worth and never knew a gay life before I returned after the navy.

In Dallas there is a vibrant gay community mostly centered in the Oak Lawn area in the near north of downtown. There is also the beginnings of one in the Bishop Arts District in Oak Cliff across the river south of downtown. There is something for everyone from twinks to piano bars, leather and cowboys, lesbians and more. We have a spot in Oak Lawn called the crossroads where Cedar Springs Rd and Throckmorton Street cross in Oak Lawn. It is the center of what I teasingly refer to as downtown Homo Heights. I love to sit on the patio at Hunky's and watch the life go by. You think I have eye candy on Nichevo, you should see it there! There are all sorts of gay businesses there, we even have our own phone book as big as some small town directories.

We Love the eye candy on your blog where do you find all them hot guys?

I am a member of several MSN groups that feature hot photography and I peruse about 50 different blogs, artist and photographer websites, I don't have a scanner so I can't scan some I have hard copies of or I would. It is amazing what you can find on the web when you don't watch TV and surf away.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would that be and why?

This is hard to say. Sometimes I want to live on my own island and enjoy the solitude, at other times I would rather the city. I miss the beach so If I had to pick just one place, hmmm, San Diego, California. The city has great beaches, lots of sunshine, a short trip to Mexico, delicious Mexican food, lots of horny sailors and marines, and a vibrant gay community . I marched in my first gay pride parade there and it is where I came out.

Are you seeing anyone now? If not how come how long have you been single? If you are can you tell us about him?

No, I am not seeing anyone now. There are a lot of reasons, but basically, since my last bashing, I have kinda avoided boys town and the clubs. I have tried on line, but when I have set up meetings, the other party has never shown or made some excuse not to meet. My longest term relationship ended after 3 years in 1994. We lived together for a short time before he moved in with his girlfriend, but our relationship continued for two more years. He was a heavy metal guitar player with long hair and lots of tats. His girlfriend never found out about us, we always met when she was at work or he would show up unexpectedly and drop his clothes and attack. I have many fond memories of him. I lived in Fort Collins, Colorado at the time and moved back to Texas in 1994. He did not want to leave his girl so I came alone.

What does the word Nichevo mean in your blog name?

Nichevo is a Russian expression that means "it can't be helped" or "you can do nothing about it" which is how I feel about being gay. I am who I am and cannot change the fact of my homosexuality. I was gay before I knew what sex was, I just did not accept it because of religious repression. I found the word in a series of books by Harry S. Turtledove who is the master of alternative history novels. When I was creating my blog, I was rereading the WWII series and the word flashed in my mind. It fit and Nichevo was born.

I hope this isn't to personal but have you ever did any porn? Also have you ever been to a bath house and whats it like if you have?

I have never been in a porn movie, I am not hung well enough for them, though I have never had complaints about performance or satisfaction. My first bath house visit was in 1975 in San Diego and part of the Club Bath chain. I loved the orgy room with its humongous round bed full of guys doing their thing. They also had a video room with risers. The top riser came up about chest hi and had a crawl space below it with glory holes. You could stand up and watch video porn until your knees buckled from the blow jobs you were getting from the guys down below. There are two bath houses in Dallas, one a Club Bath, the other an independent. Both are great, but I like the independent one for its roof top pool and hot tub and view of downtown. I have stayed in the Club Bath in Atlanta where half the pool is indoors and half out. It is way better than any hotel I could have stayed in, with lots of hot water, clean sheets, and bunches of hot, horny men.

What organizations or causes are you most active in supporting and why?

Like you I support The Matthew Shepard Foundation, I am a member of Equality Forum out of Philadelphia, HRC and the Service Members Legal Defense Fund.They are all great organization working to right the injustices of hatred and homophobia. As a vet who was separated for before there was Don't Ask/Don't Tell the SMLDF is close to my heart. I can't do anything about my discharge, but maybe I can help someone else. I was denied my career in the military unjustly and I would like to see that stopped.

What would you most like my readers to know about you?

I would like them to know that I am just a normal guy that happens to have great taste in men. I have an open ear and an open heart. Even if I don't have a pot to piss in, I will still give you the shirt off my back. I want the young ones to know that I am always willing to listen to them and try to help them sort out their feelings and emotions. My greatest desire is just to love and be loved by someone special. I can't afford to buy love, but I certainly want to meet someone who will fall in love with me as I fall in love with him.

There you go, guys. My soul in a nutshell. I have held my heart too close for too long, and Nichevo is my way of reaching out to all the good guys in the world.

Oh something else we were nominated for blogger of the year at Best Gay Blogs it would be nice to win this but I am sure there are other blogs that have a better chance at winning. There is a cash prize for the winners and I want 2 say right now up front if we were 2 win this I would give the money 2 Matthew Shepard Foundation and or 2 aids research. So if you find it in your heart 2 support boys are ugly for best blog of the year go to Best Gay Blog Nominations and let them know thanx 2 all the readers and fans of this blog.

That's it for today folks now go out and make it a awesome weekend.
Later from Atlanta
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