Sad News in Blogging World

Over the years of blogging I have made many friends and many I kinda adopted as my family. Yesterday I got a sad letter telling me that one of my blogging friends had passed away. I was wondering where he was and wondered how come he wasn't answering my emails now I know. Castor was an artist and a friend and a person I called Uncle. I have blogged with Castor for about 3 years he came to know me and then Mikey very well. Even though I never met him in person he knew a lot about me and help me with many questions as a gay kid. I love his art work his drawings were just awesome. I am not sure what to say about the man I am not good at these things I just know I miss him. Rest in Peace Uncle You Loved the World and the World Loved You! I am going to leave you with some of his work.

Last comment we got from Castor was

sept 26th

And I love you both for you love one another :-) Uncle

From his family

Mister Hans Sfiligoi died the 28th of November. He was suffering from lung-cancer.

Best wishes to all of you, best regards.

Johannes Sfiligoi and family.

His Blog

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