A Little White Trash Maybe?

What a great feeling everyday waking up next 2 the person u love. What's even better 4 me is thae fact he is stayin this time so I don't have 2 say goodbye. Funny thing is I think my little brother is just as happy as I am that he is stayin. I swear he is runnin Mikey 2 death and I know Mikey loves it they been takin the quads out and ridin them comin back all muddy. He been teachin Mikey the new video games he got and shootin pool u name and they been doing it. I told my brother I would like 2 spend some time with my boyfriend if he didn't mind. He just laugh and said Mom said we had 2 share haha how funny is he?

As I told b4 we live out in the country with a lot of land so there is plenty places 4 them 2 ride the quads or the dirt bikes right? So why is it there is always 1 neighbor that has 2 make things nasty 4 every1 they live around? We have 1 that lives down the road from us and she is always doing something 2 stir up shit. On Christmas day Mikey and my Bro were out ridin the quads and she called the police said the were ripping thru the neighborhood. We never go off our land coz Dad don't allow us 2 well the police came out and of course they know my Dad and he explain we didn't go over the property and the lady always cozin trouble. My Dad show them were they were ridin and the police went and talk 2 her and I guess she made a fuss but told her that no laws were broken.

Yesterday they were back out ridin she called the police again and once again they came out. She told them they were on her property and of course they wasn't and no sign they were. The police again told her no laws were broken and that we had rights 2 ride them on our land well that wasn't enough for her so she took trash and stuff it in our mailbox not just trash trash but look like cat shit and left over food or something. My Dad called the police coz my Brother seen her do it of course she said she didn't. They police called the postmaster got them involved in it so I don't know where this is all gonna go. Me and Dad ran into town soon after all this was over with and when we got back pulling into the drive way she was standing in the road flippin us off callin us names and get this I love this said we were white trash with money omfg she's a Toby Keith fan how funny is that!

4 the record I like Toby Keith!
I been called lots of things but white trash with money takes the cake what a way 2 end the year!

Later from the White Trash in Atlanta
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