Our Merry Christmas

I just can't believe the great time Ive had here with Ryan and his family during the Christmas holiday. Friday and Saturday I think we shopped so much that Im beginning to like it. Sunday we just layed around and watched football and played video games and waited for Santa to come. Christmas morning came and everybody was up real early getting into presents. To be honest Im kinda embarrassed to say what Ryan got me. Ive never been given this kind of present before so it was a little awkward. He bought me a new 2007 Ford Ranger. I cried and laughed I really didn't know what to say. Nobodys ever given me anything like that before. My old truck is a 1997 Ford Ranger that was given to me when my brother died so its got well over 100,000 miles on it. I posted a pic of it below and its one of my fave colors blue too.

When he showed me my new truck my gift seemed kinda small in comparision but I had to give it to him cause I had went to far with it not to. If yall remember a couple weeks ago I said Ryans present was gonna be a surprise and he was gonna be took by surprise by it. A couple of readers have emailed and asked about what it was. Im sorry for not answering you back about it but I didn't want to tell a lie about it so I just didn't answer you. My present and big surprise to Ryan is Im not going back to West Virginia Im at his house to stay. Ive moved everything I had and he didn't even suspect a thing. I had kept asking his mom what I could get him cause hes hard to buy for. Then one day she said Mike the only thing he wants is for you to finally move down here. So it took me a day to think about it and I said what the hell go for it. I could never have pulled it off without his mom so Im very thankful to her. She rented me a storage place for me to hide all my stuff I brought with me before I got to their house cause of course Ryan couldn't seen me with a bunch of cloths and my computer and stuff or he'd caught on to it. I felt so weird when I handed him the card that explained my present to him. Its hard to explain but I felt like who am I to be giving myself to someone as a present. Like Im stuck on myself or something and thats not true at all. Then Im thinking here he gives me a new truck and this is my present to him. He loved it though he started crying and hugging and kissing me all over. The only down side to it is I had a fight with my mom over moving so quick. I understand shes just worried about me but I got to get out in the big bad world. I can't stay in small town West Virginia my whole life. Plus Ill be back to visit from time to time its not like Im that far away.

I also wanted to thank everyone who sent Christmas cards. They were all really cute and me and Ryan both loved them.

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