Back Where He Belongs

I cant believe how happy I am to have my man back with me. Not that I didnt trust the hospital but its good to have him back home. Ryans the one that dont trust hospitals I reckon cause hes been in and out of them so much in his life. Ive been on him since he got out to take better care of himself. I cant tell you how good it feels to look over and see him sleeping next to me all curled up under the covers. Ok I wont lie we have been making up for lost time but it was almost 2 1/2 weeks since we had been together and a guys got needs:)

I got a call from my mom the other day checking up on me to see how I was. She is wanting me to come home for Easter and bring Ryan with me. I dont see a problem with that so I reckon we'll be going up there but its still a couple months away so who knows it could change. Ryans mom wants me to ask my mom to come back to Atlanta with us when we come back and stay a week. I dont know about that idea, that would be very interesting. My mom has never been out of West Virginia in her life so I dont think she'd make a trip all the way to Georgia but I said I'd ask her, she might just surprise me

I wanted to put up a few pics from around Ryans town. Their nothing really special the one pic is of one of Ryans favorite places to eat. Ive been there several times and they do have really good cajun food.

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