The Best Revenge

I love to read and when I'm not on the computer looking at news webpages or on top of Mikey you will normally find my nose in a book. I just finish a really good book and wanted 2 share it with ya'll or least the 1's out there that are nerdy just like me. This is the first book I have read by Stephen White but I think I pick one of his best I just bought a few more of his books from I will let you know if there as good as this one but I am sure they will be.

We will have some more post comin later this week and 1 I am workin on has 2 do with me and my Mom and it's kinda deep so look 4 that. I hope ya'll had a awesome New Year and didn't drink 2 much. For those that did party 2 hard and u posted about it leave us a comment so we can come check out how your night was. Oh for the record are night would be boring 2 most I think we just snuggled in bed watched a movie and I was alseep b4 the ball came down and then Mikey well I'll leave it there ok!

Go check out this book you won't b sorry!
The Best Revenge

Later from Atlanta.
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