Mom Talks.

A few days ago my Mom sit me down 4 a talk now knowin my Mom I knew when she ask me 2 come drink a cup of coffee with her it was gonna b heavy. So she started out how happy she was Mikey moved here 2 b with me she said she feels like she got a new son. So me being me was waiting on the bomb 2 drop she I said ok Mom what's on your mind I know u like u know me and u got something going on in that mind so just spill it.

So she did she told me that her and Dad been thinkin and talkin and they know that me & Mikey have talked about getting our own place. We have talked about this b4 but this was b4 Mikey moved down here. At one point we talked about just building a house on the property. Since he has moved here we haven't really talked about movin out of the house even tho I know Mikey is tryin 2 make things work having a family around. I think he been doing a good job at it 2 him and my Brother get along real good there both rednecks!
Anyway my Mom told me she is worried about me movin out and we don't have 2. She did bring up building a house on the land or jusr stayin in my room. She told me she was not ready 2 cut me lose and don't think she every will be. She told being her onlt child she gave birth 2 she don't want 2 see me as a grown man. She said she worried bout my health and she knows Mikey would do his best 2 make sure I took my meds but if I get in 1 of my moods she worries bout me not takin them.

She told me she can't help but think of what happen 2 Matthew Shepard she said she knows she can't always b there 2 protect me but she said she felt better with me living at home or at least close. She told now she has 2 worry about Mikey now also. She said she just wanted me 2 know I or we neither 1 has 2 move that they would do want they can 2 make Mikey feel at home. If we feel the need 2 move then we should think about buildin a house on the land.

I was overwhelmed with joy with my Parent's but I should know coz they always made me feel welcome and loved. Now they want 2 make Mikey feel the same way and they are not pushin us out the door. Wouldn't it be a great if all of America was as open and loving as my Parent's are? Wouldn't it be great if kids could come up 2 there parents and say they are gay without worryin about be throw onto the street? Wouldn't it be great if we didn't have any hate 4 another human just coz they are different? All I know is I love my Parent's more than my words can say!

Feelin Love in Atlanta!
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