Other Side Of Str8

Layin here in this room waiting 2 be released I got to see more TV than what I wanted. I also did get to read a few books and that always makes me happy. Mikey what can I say about him he's the best been right here with me I had to make him go home last night so he could get a good nights rest but when I woke up this morning he was right here. I tell him everyday how much I love him I just wish there was other ways I can show him he means the world 2 me. I know I am still young but I know Mikey is the one I don't even think about sex with anyone else. I look at cute guys still and we even talk about cute guys we see but it's different now it's like yeah that guy is hot but I don't want to sleep with him. Use to be I was like damn I would like 2 jump his bones but now that don't cross my mind what crosses my mind now is forever with Mikey.

I got an email the other day didn't know if I should say something or let it go coz really it's none of my business. I slept on it and I talk it over with Mikey and he said it was up 2 me. So if it's up 2 me I am gonna say what's on my mind. I am gonna talk about Scotty a little bit from The Other Side Of Str8 blog. Most of you that read my blog also reads his some of you been around for a long time with both blogs and you know there is no love lost between us. That's old news on what happen and it's in the past and please for those that know the story let's leave it in the past. I haven't been to Scottys blog in God only knows when but in this email from a friend to both us was telling me about what Scottys been going thru with haters and stalkers and such. Scotty decided to walk away from blogging and I can totally understand why he would he said his kids are the most important thing in his life and they should be. I think we all can agree on that.

Now let me speak on his blog just a bit and being a gay guy myself. I couldn't follow his blog that well just as I think he couldn't follow mine that well maybe an age thing or something else don't matter. A lot of people did follow his blog and I think it's helped some other gay's along the way. Scotty was married with children there are a lot of gay dads out there just like him that could feel and understand what he was going through, not me I don't have any kids. So see his blog did help I think as a gay community we need to stand up and help each other when were being kicked or bullied or harassed. I believe the best way to stop hate is to do things in numbers we as a gay community and the people that are not gay but support our cause would agree with me here.

So what I want is someone to email Scotty and tell him come read this post and read this part more than anything. Scotty this is what I think you should do and this is just an idea before you walk away from the other side of str8 this is what you should do. You have helped many people along the way and just like me have picked up a few haters along the way but all them people you helped its time they turn around and helped you. This is what I mean take 4 or 5 people you trust or more or less choice is yours but ask them to post on the other side of str8 until your ready to come back. Maybe you can find other gay dads that would help you. Your blog has the followers and they would be ok with it they would understand. They when your ready you come back to your blog. This way Scotty the fuckers don't win we show them as a gay community we will stand together. You walk away or stop posting on your blog they win don't let them win.

Later from room 309 in Atlanta!
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