Yuck Hospital Food

Is there anyone that likes hospital food? It's like the get the worse cooks in the world throw them in a kitchen and say cook something and that's what it is something the good Lord only knows what the food really is. Yes I am tired of being here they said maybe Thursday I could go home I am ready now. I need to shave and I am not talking about my face it itches so bad! All I do is sit here and watch TV or read but I am ready to get up and get out and do something go shopping anything damn this id driving me crazy. I know I can't jump 2 quick or I will end right back here but I am bored out of my mind. Poor Mikey been with me through this he is so sweet I love him so much!

We did talk a little yesterday and we are thinkin about doing something new 4 the blog when we go down 2 Daytona. We are gonna be gone like a week and we know we won't be into posting and thought it would be a good idea to have like a couple of readers like guest host the blog for us. Don't ya think that would be cool? I was thinkin I would like 2 people a boy and a girl it don't matter if your gay or str8 that don't matter 2 us. I was thinkin you could email me or Mikey if u think u want 2 host for a week. If we get a lot of people that want 2 do it I think maybe we could have like a little vote off. I think it would be a great idea and I know ya'll got some great things 2 say and u could promote your blog and others u like.

What do ya'll think of Hillary running? Think she has a chance? Only thing I am not sure about is here changing her mind on the gay issues. I guess in time we will see how well she does. I think we need a women to run this country I think the men had there chances and they sure have screwed it up and the 1 that's in there now Lord don't let me start on him. I think a women running things could open a lot of doors not only for women but for gay people also. I also think it would make us look different in the world eyes and the way we look now is not good. We need a change and someone that can fix all the fuck up's that the dummy in the white house is doing now. Can Hillary be that person I don't know only time will tell.

Later from a hospital room in Atlanta!
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