Cool Morning

Finally got a good nights rest I think we both just fell right off 2 sleep. I had such a great time at Daytona I think Mikey did also. I'm sure he will post sometime this week. We are now over in the Tampa Bay area of Florida we will be here for a couple weeks at least until my Uncle gets back from England. We don't have any real plans just gonna do whatever comes 2 mind. Maybe hit Busch Gardens again I love going there and there's a gay bar in St Pete I like going 2 and now I can get in without usin my fake id. There is a lot I could get into about Daytona but like Las Vegas what happens in Daytona stays in Daytona.

I want to thank Patty & Gerry again so much for steppin in and ghost writing for us while we were away playin. Make sure you drop there blogs and let them know u enjoy them feelin for us. We have talk about bloggin and some other things while we were on vacaction and will let ya'll know soon on some stuff we talked about. It was cool the last few mornings here in Florida but I know some of u waking up below zero so I will shut up about the weather. Maybe later this week I will put some beach pics up. I guess that's it for now. I have more but need coffee and gonna go wake Mikey up! hehe.

Later from Tampa Bay!

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