'Sign Of Success'

Normally I try 2 stay away from talkin about bush on here coz ya'll know I am not a fan of his but reading the news this morning while my prince is sleepin beside me I fell I have 2 say something. Is this man that dumb I thought at first maybe he just playin the part but now I truly think he is like the scarecrow from the wizard of oz and he is searching for a brain.

WASHINGTON -- White House officials said President George W. Bush has been briefed by Prime Minister Tony Blair on the planned pullout of 1,500 British troops from Iraq. And, they said, Bush sees it as a "sign of success."

Am I alone here or did I miss something he wants to send 21,000 American troops into Iraq but the British are pulling out and bush sees this as a sign of success. What the hell is wrong with this man has he totally lost it or what? I am really lost for words here I get so upset at him I try not 1 read things or even listen 2 him but this 2 me makes no since what so ever.

To be fair it also goes on and says.....

Britain's leader will reportedly announce a new timetable for pulling out his country's troops on Wednesday, during his regular appearance before parliament.
Blair will reportedly say the plan includes bringing 1,500 British troops home from Iraq within several weeks.
The prime minister is also expected to announce that by the end of the year, 3,000 British troops will have left southern Iraq, if security there is sufficient.

Still with that being said I still don't agree with sending more troops in I think we should get out now period. Some don't agree with me on this and my Dad being one but that's why we are Americans we can agree 2 disagree. Still could someone please help bush find his brain b4 its 2 late! Remember this people I seen this on another website and just loved it. Nobody died when Clinton lied!

Later from Florida!

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