Hi! Guest Blogger Patticake here while Ryan and Mike screw around in FL attend speed week at the Daytona 500 and house-sit for Ryan's Uncle! :)

Death scares me. A lot. Two people that I know have died in the past week. Thankfully I wasn't close to them but I knew them and it bothers me.
Anna Nicole Smith died Thursday. She was a year younger than me. It surprised me, and yet it didn't. It was pretty obvious (to me, anyway) she was a drugged out mess. It makes me sad for her little baby girl though. I wonder if her brother and mother's deaths will taint her life or will she be raised by someone who has the good sense to try and downplay those events (if it can be done).
I am a morbid curious person though. I wanted to see pics of Howard K. Stern. Of Kimmie (her asst. who had Anna's pic tattooed on her) .... of Bobby Trendy! Can you tell I watched the Anna Nicole show on E!? What a hot mess THAT was..............
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