Were off 2 the Races

It's hard 2 believe but it's Nascar season again most of ya'll know me and Mikey are really big Nascar fans and it helps having a friend in the business. So this is what were doing Friday were flying down 2 Daytona for the Budweiser Shootout on Saturday night. Then Sunday were going to hang out at the beach with some friends and Monday going over 2 the other coast to hang with some family until Thursday and back 2 Daytona until Sunday night. We are stayin with my friend on the field so that just totally rocks. We will be there for the Gatorade twin 125's and for the truck and busch race then the big race on Sunday The Daytona 500! Yes we are white trash with money at it's finest can't get more redneck than that only thing different in me and the other redneck boys is ill be the 1 wearing abercrombie, banana republic, diesel, hollister, and tommy haha. Mikey will be in his walmart redneck stuff haha love u babe!

Ok while we are gone we will have guest bloggers for the first time on Boys are Ugly. I think we have 2 great choices to blog 4 ya'll while we are gone so please show them as much love as you show me and Mikey. Who knows we might sneak in with a post with some Daytona pics who knows. Oh after Daytona 500 we are going over 2 the Tampa area to babysit my Uncle's place again he's off to England for a week. We love stayin at his place and playing house. The bloggers that will be steppin in for us is Patti over at Patti-Cake Land and Gerry over at Nichevo. So please so them some love on this blog as well as there's and we thank them so much for stepping in and being ghost writers while were gone. I think this a great idea gives something fresh and a different look at people. So good luck guys I know u will do great and thanx so much for stepping up and doing this 4 us.

Later from Atlanta on are way soon 2 Daytona 500 Baby!

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