February Mystery Guest

Uncle Gerry from Nichevo here for Ryan and Mike while they are off in Florida. One of the features at Nichevo is interviews with LGBT persons of note as well as music of various genres. I tend to listen to Classical music, but have an appreciation for most all genres. The Mystery Guest for February is not Gay as far as I know, I never asked him, but he is a dynamic pianist and composer whom I think you will enjoy, check him out:

Today, as promised earlier in these pages, I would like to introduce to you February's Mystery Guest. I met this gentlemen on My Space when he requested to be my friend. I view his profile and watched his videos. I then wrote asking if I could post his videos on Nichevo. He said to wait until February as by then his My Space page would be ready. His name is Kai Miano, a composer and pianist from Germany. I have four of his videos here for you today. The first is his latest video shot in Italy, the second is an interview/making of the Italian video, the third and fourth are earlier concert videos with the Frankfurt Synphoniker. Kai's music is melodic and ethereal, or as he says romantic and dreamed. Wrote his first song at age 7 and continues to write prolifically and plays beautifully. He takes his inspiration from many sources, one of them being his son Andreas in the case of From Fairy Elfs and Wizards, the fourth video. Check out his My Space page and his official website for more details about this fascinating muscian. EnJoy!


I just got a message from Kai over on My Space. He likes the post but I got the name of his son wrong. Andreas is his very good friend and his son's name is Patrick. Uncle Gerry apologizes for his mistake, now on with the show!

Kai Miano - 1st video in Italy (nice quality)

Kai Miano interview at sound-in-time,making of 1st video,photos

Kai Miano live in Concert 'Agathe'


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