What City Sunday

Uncle Gerry from Nichevo here in for Ryan and Mike who are this day running around the pits at Daytona having a great time waiting for the 500 to begin. It has been a long tradition here at Boys Are Ugly But So Cute to post a What City Sunday, so I thought I would follow in that tradition today. The city in question lies on a river named for a state other than the one in which it is located in an area first explored by Europeans in 1709. The original settlers were the Tickanwatic tribes. The first sale of plotted land for development was August 1. 1839. It is the county seat of a county named for a famous war hero. Like Rome, Italy, it is a city of hills, it even has a mountain within the city limits. This city has doubled in population every 20 years through out its history. The immigrant groups with thriving communities in the city include Germans, Swedes, and Mexicans. This city is home to hi-tech companies such as the Fortune 500 company launched by a 19 year old student from his dorm room at the college located here. The city is creative also as it is the second most popular location for filming in the US and is home to the longest running music show on TV. Here is how the city describes itself:

  • It's hip and trendy, yet in a vintage sort of way. It's high-tech and laid-back. It's politically charged and culturally rich. It's eclectic by nature and creative by design. Most of all, it's a place where people like to have a good time.
So what city do you think this is? Here are some photos for hints:

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