Travelin Man

I can't believe all the traveling around I been doing lately. Well really since Ive met Ryan to be honest. From going to his house from mine in West Virginia every chance I got to traveling to the races and his uncles house. Funny thing is the first 18 years of my life the only other place out of the state I had been was to Kentucky once with my uncle to buy a hunting dog. My how things have changed.

Being down here at Ryans uncles in Tampa is a blast. Getting to play house with Ryan is fun, its getting us ready for when we do move in together and its just the two of us. We had a great time at the races, Kasey finished in 7th which wasn't to bad considering all the crap he went through with the cheating and all. They have a big mall here in Tampa and we been hitting it the last few days. Well Ryan has I just been tagging along I haven't got into the shopping craze like he's got it but Im trying to get the hang of it. The temp has been a little cool so its been keeping us off the beach. I got no reason to complain cause I checked my weather at home and the temp got down to 2 degrees a couple nites in a row so Im not bitchin.

Heres some pics below of around Tampa and the surronding area.

On the way to the International Mall.

The entrance to the mall

Next 2 pics are of Suncoast a gay bar in St.Petersburg

This is some redneck looking bar that reminded me of one in my town
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