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Well I kept ya'll waintin long enough on this news. First off I had 2 get the balls up 2 tell Mom first and I know some of you have seen my balls and would say there big but not when it comes 2 Mom. I know tmi on the balls haha oh well that's life. Anyhoo back 2 the news when me & Mikey was house sitting for my Uncle in Florida besides doing all the crazy stuff we did down there Mikey seen this add in the paper at this great company so he went and put his app in well they called and offer him the job. He told them there was a few people he needed 2 talk and would let them know in a few days and they were ok with that. So that's when he came and told me.

Now at first I wasn't up for this at all. I have never lived away from home and wasn't in any hurry to move across town let alone out of state. I told him my fears and how I didn't think I was ready and he told me he understood and would call them back and tell them no. I felt so bad inside coz I knew he wanted this job. Jobs like this don't come along all the time and it's something he wanted to do for a long time and here I am shooting down his dreams. Tallking about feeling bad I needed 2 talk 2 someone so I went 2 my Dad ask him if we could take the quads out and have a talk.

So after getting out we stop he ask me what's up so I told him about the job Mikey could get and it was out of state and I know he want's it but I told him I didn't want 2 move coz I was scared and he was going 2 turn the job down coz he didn't want me unhappy. My Dad said well you know your Mom is going 2 freak when she hears but think about this boy didn't Mikey walk away from the things he knew things that made him feel safe and took that jumb 2 be here with you. If you love him Ryan like you say you do then it's time you prove it 2 him support him and take that jump. Remember if it don't work out you both can come right back here our door is always open 2 you both. Course I do what I do best cried and hug him.

Back inside I found Mikey I ask him you call them yet with his sad eyes he said no I was just fixing 2 I told him then when u call them u tell them u will take the job. He said what? I said you heard me tell them you will take it. He ask 4 real YES MIKEY 4 REAL! I know I already told babe but I want 2 say it on here I Love You more than life and my Dad is right you took a chance 4 me and now I will 4 u. I believe in you and I know we will be just fine. So people we are moving 2 Florida in about a month. Yes I am scared to death but I knoe it's the right thing 2 do and we will be fine.

There is much more 2 tell but I am out of time. I need 2 let ya'll know how Mom took things and how my Uncle is helpin with the move gosh just so much more I will try 2 sit down this weekend and tell more. I would love 2 know what ya'll think about this. This a good idea or a mistake waiting 2 happen? Either way I want 2 hear what you think. Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget in Nascar there racing the car of tomorrow Sunday check it out and let me know what you think on that also.
Damn am I really gonna do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Later from Atlanta!

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