What's in Yours?

I had a good weekend me and Mom talk some over the move I can say she still not happy but understands. She is just being Mom worried bout my meds and blood sugar and all. She knows how I get in moods sometimes bout my health and stop takin everything she worry Mikey won't be able 2 handle me and make me take my pills check my blood when I'm suppose 2. I know she has worries but she has 2 know Mikey can do these things and it's time I stand up also and do what I am suppose 2 for him I am looking at things now its about me and him now. Anyhoo I didn't want 2 make another post about moving and all I think Mikey has a post coming up about that.

What I was wonderin what is in your cd player right now either in your car or in your house? Like my truck has a 6 disc in dash player in it and this is what cd's I have in it. Most the time I don't listen to Cd's coz I have Sirius Satellite Radio so there is so much on there 2 listen 2 don't play the cd's that much some have been changed since I bought them pretty bad huh? Be lookin for a post from Mikey I told him ya'll missed him and he need 2 say something coz this is his blog 2 what a brat he is!!!!!!

1. Maroon 5 - Songs about Jane
2. Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars
3. Dixie Chicks - Taking the Long Way
4. Billy Ray Cyrus - Wanna be your Joe
5. Scissor Sister - Ta-Dah
6. Cher - Farewell Tour

Later from Atlanta!
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