Where 2 start lets see I forget that my Mom reads this blog so I and Mikey just write what's on our minds. Last week Mikey wrote about our little 3 way we had in Florida and him dealing with that and drinking well guess who also seen the post? Right my Mom and can we say she was a little pissed no we can't she was big time pissed. She called and I had my cell off and she left a message all it said was "CALL HOME NOW" in that your ass is grass Mom tone. Ya'll know the tone I am talking about the tone where your like I don't want 2 call her. Well I finally did and she said read the blog and you boys got 9 hours 2 pack your shit up and get home NOW!

I told Mikey and he was like freak out said he didn't want 2 go and face her I told him u don't want her coming here wont be pretty at all. So we clean up best we could at my Uncles and off we went peddle 2 the floor doing our best nascar driving on the way back 2 Hot Atlanta. It was night when we got there like 2 in the morning you think that women would be a sleep oh hell no she was waiting up for us. Boy did we ever get an ass chewing I think I lost a few pounds in my ass. Mikey he didn't say a word I think it freak him out a bit he never seen my Mom mad b4. I think she got done chewing us about 4:30 in the morning course I was tired but I understood what she was sayin and me & Mikey both agree with her and already decided on what we want in life and what we don't.

Race is in town this week I am so happy for that of course Mikey started a job today working with my Dad he was happy bout that Monday-Friday weekends off unless something big comes up that they need him. I am sure we or I should say he will give more details on his job soon as he can. We are going 2 the race this weekend the family going with us that should be really cool. You might have notice over the past few months are posting has went down some it's just with us being together now kinda makes it hard 2 post everyday and I work on a few other blogs also. I try to give fair time 2 all of them. Please just stick with us were gonna try 2 do better coz we so much enjoy each and everyone that takes time 2 read our blog and leave us a comment shows me there is still hope out there.

Welcome Home Reed!

Later from Atlanta.
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